Client Overview:

A private customer undertaking a full property refurbishment in Hove required the installation of a new bathroom as part of their renovation project. With a commitment to modern design and functionality, they sought a comprehensive solution to transform the space into a stylish and practical bathroom that met their needs.


Initial Assessment:

As part of the property refurbishment project, the client identified the need for a completely new bathroom space. This involved building a new room with stud walls to accommodate the bathroom installation. Key considerations included integrating essential plumbing, ventilation, lighting, and fixtures to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Project Scope:

Building Work:

  • Construct stud walls to create the new bathroom space within the property.
  • Ensure structural integrity and compliance with building regulations.
  • Coordinate with other trades to ensure seamless integration of plumbing, electrical, and ventilation systems within the new room.

Plumbing Installation:

  • Install new plumbing fixtures, including pipes, fittings, and valves, to supply water to the bathroom.
  • Fit a floating toilet and vanity unit to maximize floor space and create a modern aesthetic.
  • Connect plumbing fixtures to the existing water supply and drainage system, ensuring proper functionality and compliance with regulations.

Ventilation System:

  • Install an extraction system to provide adequate ventilation and prevent moisture buildup in the bathroom.
  • Ensure proper ducting and vent placement to effectively remove steam and odors from the room.
  • Incorporate fan controls for user convenience and energy efficiency.

Electrical Work:

  • Design and install a downlighting system to illuminate the bathroom space effectively.
  • Position lights strategically to provide ample light for grooming tasks while creating a welcoming ambiance.
  • Ensure compliance with electrical safety standards and regulations throughout the installation process.

Tiling and Flooring:

  • Select and install modern tiling for the bathroom walls and floors, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and durability of the space.
  • Use reinforced flooring materials to withstand moisture and heavy foot traffic, ensuring long-term durability and safety.
  • Coordinate tile layout and grouting to achieve a seamless and professional finish.


  • Coordinating the construction of the new bathroom space within the existing property layout.
  • Ensuring proper integration of plumbing, electrical, and ventilation systems to meet functional and regulatory requirements.
  • Managing the installation timeline to minimize disruption to the overall property refurbishment project.


The successful completion of the new bathroom installation in Hove transformed the property, providing the private customer with a modern and functional space tailored to their preferences. The integration of stud walls, reinforced flooring, extraction systems, and modern fixtures resulted in a stylish and practical bathroom that enhanced both the aesthetic appeal and usability of the property.


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