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Kifco provides both complete and partial rewiring services in Brighton & Hove, specialising in updating and enhancing your property’s electrical infrastructure for improved safety, efficiency, and compliance with modern standards.

Our Rewiring Services

Complete Property Rewiring

Ideal for older properties or renovations, ensuring your entire electrical system is safe and up-to-date.

Partial Rewiring

Targeted upgrades to specific areas or circuits that require attention, enhancing overall electrical safety and functionality.

Customised Solutions

Tailored rewiring plans based on your property’s layout and specific electrical needs.

Electrical Testing and Inspection

Comprehensive testing post-rewiring to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Fuse Box and Consumer Unit Upgrades

Coordinating rewiring with upgrades to your fuse box and consumer units for a complete electrical system overhaul.

General Electrical Maintenance

Providing ongoing maintenance to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your rewired electrical system.

The Importance of Professional Rewiring

  • Enhanced Electrical Safety: Rewiring eliminates risks associated with old or faulty wiring, preventing potential hazards.
  • Compliance with Current Standards: Updated wiring ensures your electrical system meets the latest safety regulations.
  • Improved Efficiency and Capacity: Modern wiring can better accommodate today’s electrical loads and high-tech appliances.

The Rewiring Process at Kifco

  • Initial Assessment: Conducting a thorough evaluation of your existing electrical system to determine rewiring needs.
  • Planning and Design: Creating a detailed plan for rewiring, customised to your property’s requirements.
  • Efficient and Safe Implementation: Our certified electricians carry out the rewiring with precision, adhering to strict safety standards.
  • Final Inspection and Testing: Ensuring that the new wiring is fully functional, safe, and compliant with all regulations.

Revitalise Your Property with Kifco’s Rewiring Services

Whether you’re renovating an old building or upgrading your current electrical system, Kifco’s rewiring services provide the necessary foundation for a safe and modern electrical infrastructure. Contact Kifco today to discuss your rewiring project and bring your property’s electrical system up to date.

What our customers say

  • Purchased a new kitchen from Howdens who recommended Kifco, their service was great, very helpful and great quality of finish. A rewire was also completed by Kifco electrical services. Would recommend them.

Rewiring FAQs

What rewiring services does Kifco offer?

Kifco provides both complete and partial rewiring services. Complete rewiring is ideal for older properties or comprehensive renovations, ensuring that the entire electrical system is updated and safe. Partial rewiring involves updates to specific areas or circuits that require attention, enhancing the overall safety and functionality of your electrical system.

Why is professional rewiring important?

Professional rewiring is crucial for several reasons. It enhances electrical safety by eliminating risks associated with old or faulty wiring, ensures compliance with current electrical safety standards, and improves the efficiency and capacity of your electrical system to handle modern appliances and technology.

How does Kifco ensure the safety and compliance of its rewiring services?

Kifco ensures safety and compliance by adhering to strict industry standards throughout the rewiring process. This includes conducting thorough initial assessments, using high-quality materials, and performing comprehensive electrical testing and inspections post-rewiring.

What is involved in the rewiring process at Kifco?

The rewiring process at Kifco includes:

  • Initial Assessment: Evaluating your property’s existing electrical system to identify needs.
  • Planning and Design: Developing a detailed rewiring plan tailored to your property.
  • Implementation: Our certified electricians carry out the rewiring efficiently and safely.
  • Final Inspection and Testing: Ensuring the new system is functional, safe, and compliant.

Can Kifco handle both residential and commercial rewiring projects?

Yes, Kifco has the expertise and resources to handle rewiring projects for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring tailored solutions that meet the specific needs and regulations applicable to each type of property.

What are the signs that my property needs rewiring?

Signs that your property may need rewiring include frequent electrical problems like breaker trips, flickering lights, outdated fuse boxes, overheating wires or appliances, and any visible worn or exposed wiring.

How long does a rewiring project take?

The duration of a rewiring project depends on the size of the property and the extent of the rewiring required. Kifco strives to complete projects efficiently while minimising disruption to your daily activities.

How do I schedule a rewiring service with Kifco?

You can schedule a rewiring service by contacting us through our website, by phone, or by visiting our office in Brighton & Hove. We’ll discuss your needs and arrange for an initial assessment to start the process.

What do customers say about Kifco’s rewiring services?

Customers often praise Kifco for our professionalism, thoroughness, and the quality of our rewiring work. They appreciate our attention to detail and the improvements in safety and functionality that our services provide.

Does Kifco offer any guarantees or warranties with rewiring services?

Yes, Kifco offers warranties and guarantees on our rewiring services, giving you peace of mind about the quality and reliability of the work performed. Details of these warranties can be discussed during your initial consultation or service scheduling.

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