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Kifco is your reliable partner for installing and maintaining electric heaters and radiators in Brighton & Hove. We specialise in providing efficient, safe, and stylish heating solutions tailored to your property’s needs.

Our Electric Heating Services

Electric Heater Installation

We install a variety of electric heaters, including panel heaters, fan heaters, and convection heaters.

Electric Radiator Fitting

Expert installation of electric radiators, providing consistent and comfortable heat distribution.

Smart Heating Controls

Integration of smart thermostats and controls for enhanced efficiency and convenience.

Towel Rail Installation

Adding the luxury of heated towel rails in your bathrooms.

Electrical Testing and Inspection

Ensuring all installations meet safety standards and function efficiently.

General Electrical Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance services to keep your heating system in optimal condition.

Why Choose Electric Heaters and Radiators?

  • Efficient Heating: Electric heaters and radiators provide quick and efficient warmth, ideal for various spaces.
  • Design Flexibility: With a range of styles and sizes, they can be tailored to match your property’s aesthetics.
  • Easy Installation: Electric heating solutions offer simpler installation compared to traditional heating systems.

The Installation Process at Kifco

  • Needs Assessment: We assess your heating requirements and property layout to recommend the best solutions.
  • Customised Installation Plan: Our team designs a plan that optimises heating efficiency and complements your space.
  • Professional Installation: Our certified electricians carry out the installation with precision and care.
  • Safety and Efficiency Checks: We conduct thorough testing to ensure the heaters and radiators are safe and functioning efficiently.

Stay Warm with Kifco’s Electric Heating Solutions

Enhance the comfort and warmth of your property with Kifco’s electric heaters and radiators. Our energy-efficient and stylish solutions are perfect for any space. Contact Kifco today to schedule an installation and enjoy a warmer, more comfortable environment.

What our customers say

  • Kifco were exceptional. There was very clear communication throughout. Arran was amazing. He was skilled, professional and very friendly and a pleasure to have around. We are so pleased with the job. Thank you!

Electric Heaters and Radiators FAQs

What types of electric heating solutions does Kifco offer?

Kifco provides a broad range of electric heating solutions, including the installation of electric heaters such as panel heaters, fan heaters, and convection heaters, as well as electric radiators. We also offer installation of smart heating controls and heated towel rails, tailored to enhance the comfort and efficiency of your home.

Why should I consider electric heaters and radiators for my property?

Electric heaters and radiators offer efficient and quick heating, making them ideal for various spaces. They come with the added benefits of design flexibility, allowing them to match your property’s aesthetics, and easier installation compared to traditional heating systems.

How does Kifco ensure the safety and efficiency of electric heaters and radiators?

Kifco conducts thorough electrical testing and inspections post-installation to ensure all heating installations meet strict safety standards and function efficiently. Our general electrical maintenance services further ensure that your heating system remains in optimal condition.

What is involved in the installation process of electric heaters and radiators by Kifco?

The installation process at Kifco begins with a needs assessment to understand your specific heating requirements and property layout. We then create a customised installation plan designed to optimise heating efficiency and aesthetics. Our certified electricians carry out the installation with precision and care, followed by safety and efficiency checks.

Can Kifco integrate smart heating controls with my electric heaters and radiators?

Yes, Kifco specialises in the integration of smart thermostats and heating controls, which can enhance the efficiency and convenience of your electric heating system. These smart controls allow for better temperature management and can lead to energy savings.

How do I schedule an installation for electric heaters and radiators?

You can schedule an installation by contacting us through our website, phone, or by visiting our office in Brighton & Hove. We are prepared to assist you with professional and efficient installation services.

What are the benefits of adding a heated towel rail to my bathroom?

Heated towel rails add luxury and comfort to your bathroom, providing warm, dry towels and additional heating to the space. This feature not only enhances the functionality of your bathroom but also adds to its aesthetic appeal.

How quickly can Kifco install electric heaters and radiators?

Kifco is committed to providing timely and efficient service. The duration for installation can vary depending on the scope of the project and the specific setup required, but we strive to minimise disruption and complete installations promptly.

What do customers say about Kifco’s electric heating services?

Our customers highly praise the quality and professionalism of our electric heating services. They appreciate the clear communication, skilled craftsmanship, and the friendly demeanour of our technicians, making our service a pleasant and satisfactory experience.

Does Kifco offer any guarantees or warranties on electric heating installations?

Yes, Kifco offers warranties on our electric heating installations, providing peace of mind about the longevity and quality of our work. Specific warranty details can be discussed during the consultation or service scheduling.

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