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At Kifco, we pride ourselves on delivering custom joinery solutions that blend craftsmanship with functionality. Our Brighton & Hove-based joinery services cater to both commercial and residential clients, offering everything from custom-made furniture to intricate woodwork.

Our Joinery Services

Custom Furniture

Design and craft unique furniture pieces that perfectly fit your space and style.

Custom Furniture

Design and craft unique furniture pieces that perfectly fit your space and style.

Door Hanging and Frames

Expertly crafted doors and frames that enhance the look and functionality of your property.

Cabinet Making

Bespoke cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces, combining beauty with practicality.

Architectural Woodwork

Tailored woodwork solutions, including staircases, panelling, and mouldings.

Window Frames and Repairs

High-quality wooden window frames and repair services to enhance your property’s aesthetics and insulation.

Why Kifco for Your Joinery Projects?

  • Tailored Craftsmanship: Our skilled joiners specialise in creating bespoke pieces tailored to your specific needs and style.
  • Wide Range of Services: From kitchen fittings to window frames, our joinery expertise covers a broad spectrum.
  • Quality Materials: We use the finest materials to ensure durability and aesthetics in every project.

Our Joinery Process

  • Design Consultation: Collaborate with our clients to understand their vision and requirements.
  • Planning and Drafting: Our experts draft detailed plans to ensure precision in every creation.
  • Crafting and Installation: We meticulously craft each piece and ensure seamless installation.
  • Finishing and Quality Check: Our team applies the finishing touches and conducts a thorough quality check.

The Art of Joinery in Property Enhancement

Good joinery is an art that not only adds aesthetic value but also functionality to your property. Whether it’s custom furniture or structural elements, our joinery services are tailored to elevate your space.

Start Your Joinery Project with Kifco

Looking to add a unique touch to your property with custom joinery? Contact Kifco today to discuss your ideas and start bringing them to life.

What our customers say

  • I was very impressed with the professionalism of Handyperson and office staff I dealt with. The works was done to a high standard and very efficient service I will definitely use Kifco for all my Handyperson works again in the future

Joinery FAQs

What types of joinery services does Kifco offer?

Kifco offers a wide range of joinery services, including custom furniture design and crafting, door hanging and frames, bespoke cabinet making for various rooms, architectural woodwork such as staircases, panelling, and mouldings, as well as crafting and repairing wooden window frames.

Why should I choose Kifco for my joinery needs?

Kifco is known for tailored craftsmanship, with skilled joiners who specialise in creating bespoke pieces that meet specific client needs and styles. We use high-quality materials to ensure durability and aesthetics, and our broad service range means we can handle virtually any woodwork project.

How does Kifco ensure quality in its joinery projects?

Quality assurance is integral to our process. We start with a detailed design consultation to ensure your vision is clearly understood. We then use precise planning and drafting, followed by meticulous crafting and installation. Each project concludes with a thorough quality check and finishing touches.

Can Kifco handle both residential and commercial joinery projects?

Yes, Kifco provides joinery services for both residential and commercial clients. Our services are tailored to meet the unique challenges and requirements of each sector, ensuring functionality and style regardless of the project scale.

What is involved in the joinery process at Kifco?

Our joinery process includes:

  • Design Consultation: Understanding client needs and vision.
  • Planning and Drafting: Creating detailed plans for precision.
  • Crafting and Installation: Skilled craftsmanship and professional installation.
  • Finishing and Quality Check: Applying final touches and ensuring high standards.

How do I start a joinery project with Kifco?

Starting a joinery project with Kifco is simple. Contact us via our website, phone, or in person to schedule a consultation. We will discuss your requirements, offer expert advice, and outline the next steps to bring your project to fruition.

What do customers say about Kifco’s joinery services?

Customers frequently commend the professionalism and high standards of Kifco’s joinery services. They note the quality of the craftsmanship, the efficiency of service, and the beauty of the finished products, often mentioning how these elements have transformed their spaces.

Does Kifco offer bespoke joinery solutions?

Yes, bespoke joinery is a hallmark of our service. We pride ourselves on creating custom pieces that are uniquely suited to the needs and preferences of each client, from individual homeowners to large commercial establishments.

What are the benefits of bespoke joinery?

Bespoke joinery offers the advantage of tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit your space and style. It provides the flexibility to maximise functionality, optimise space utilisation, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Can Kifco replicate or restore historical woodwork?

Yes, our skilled joiners can replicate or restore historical woodwork, paying close attention to historical accuracy and details. This service is ideal for renovation projects in heritage properties where preserving original woodwork is essential.

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